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Fertility Cafe

Jun 27, 2023

Despite being the most successful assisted reproductive technique, donor egg use involves complex emotions, from relief and hope to loss and grief. In navigating this uncharted territory, potential parents often grapple with feelings of guilt, jealousy, and a struggle with self-esteem and identity. Questions like "Am I...

Jun 20, 2023

In this episode, I interview relationship expert Andrea Syrtash about the real toll of finding out you have infertility issues. She talks about how infertility is not just a medical journey, it’s also an emotional, relational, financial, physical, and spiritual one as well.  

Guest Bio

Andrea is the founder of

Jun 13, 2023

This episode is all about discussing surrogacy and sharing the journey with your loved ones. Like any big conversation, talking about becoming a surrogate has some weight, so it’s best to be prepared to educate your family, listen to their concerns, and clear up any misconceptions as you ask them for your...

Jun 6, 2023

In this episode, I interview two-time surrogate, Jessica Adams. As a mom with small children at home, Jessica talks about not only what the surrogate journey has been like for her, but for her husband and kids as well. She talks about the relationships she developed with the Intended Parents whose children she carried....