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Fertility Cafe

Nov 29, 2022

We are all very "pro family" around here, no matter what your family looks like. But we also feel it's important to advocate for the egg donors and surrogates who are helping families become whole. In this episode, we talked to Liz Scheier, a member of the leadership team at the We Are Egg Donors advocacy group on...

Nov 22, 2022

In Surrogacy Roadmap, we don't recommend going the international route. Here's why!

In this episode, we talked about all the reasons why international surrogacy can get IPs into trouble and the few benefits that don't make the hassle worth it.                 

Host Bio

I’m Eloise Drane, Founder of Family Inceptions,...

Nov 15, 2022

What is it really like for egg donors? What are their motivations for donating? What is their experience? How do they feel about known versus anonymous donations? We talked to one egg donor about her take on these questions.

Guest Bio

Rai Hyde

Rai is a 6-time egg donor. Despite struggling with long-term health...

Nov 8, 2022

What happens years after a child has been born from an egg donation process? In this episode, we answer this question along with others like what happens if the child has health issues and the IPs opted for an anonymous donation? What do IPs need to consider early in their IVF journey that may affect their...

Nov 1, 2022

We would like to think of the fertility journey as all happiness, love, and bringing beautiful new life into this world. But the fact is that there is a dark side of legal issues, persistent medical effects, and emotional distress that many donors and surrogates don't know about before agreeing to donate or carry for...