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Fertility Cafe

Feb 27, 2020

Top reproductive endocrinologist and infertility specialist Dr. Monica Best of Reproductive Biology Associates in Atlanta, GA joins Eloise in the Fertility Café to discuss black women and infertility, and why so many women are suffering in silence. Black women are twice as likely to experience infertility but are half as likely to seek treatment. Listen in for an honest discussion about the fertility issues most common to black women, the types of treatments available, and the steps for diagnosing infertility. Show notes:

In this episode:

  • We tackle why black women are suffering from infertility in silence – why are there still stigmas in the African American community? And where do they stem from?
  • What is the one reproductive issue that effects approximately 80% of black women?
  • Learn the signs that you many have fertility issues and when it’s time to visit a fertility specialist
  • Dr. Best walks through the stages of diagnosing infertility and the testing you can expect
  • Infertility isn’t just about the woman – how does male infertility play into the equation?
  • Trimester Zero - When is the best time to consider freezing your eggs?
  • The uterus doesn’t age in the same way that eggs do – pregnancy rates and risks of miscarriage are tied to the age of the eggs in an embryo, not the age of the uterus carrying the embryo

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