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Fertility Cafe

Jan 28, 2022

Ep.  60 | Carrot Fertility: Employer Provider Benefits with Brooke Bartholomay Quinn


Episode Summary 

In this episode of Fertility Café, Eloise gets to talk with Brooke Quinn of Carrot Fertility about the inclusion of employee benefits that offer fertility care and family building support such as adoption and surrogacy. It's important for both employers and employees to understand the advantages and costs of including fertility care and benefits packages. We want to encourage employees to ask about their fertility care eligibility and want to encourage employers to include this needed service into their benefits packages. As fertility care is ever-evolving, this is an important topic that we are going to talk about in depth today.



Brooke Quinn is Chief Customer Officer at Carrot Fertility, the leading global fertility benefits provider for employers and health plans.

 Carrot is built to support employees through their lifelong fertility healthcare journey. Companies use Carrot to customize a fertility benefit that provides employees financial, medical, and emotional support as they pursue parenthood, reducing healthcare costs and resulting in better clinical outcomes. Carrot's clinically-managed program includes fertility preservation like egg and sperm freezing, IVF, donor and gestational carrier services, adoption, and pregnancy support. Family Inceptions is newly partnered with Carrot.

In this episode, Eloise and Brooke talk about: 

  • Why family building benefits have taken so long to be added to some benefits and still aren’t standard in every workplace
  • How a lot of the current fertility benefits offered aren’t fully inclusive
  • Why it’s so important for employers to offer family-building benefits
  • How employees can start the conversation with their employer about adding these benefits



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