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Fertility Cafe

May 28, 2021

This episode is about surrogate partner involvement. The husband, wife, or committed boyfriend or girlfriend of a would-be surrogate has an important role to play which cannot be overlooked. In this episode, we talk all about how surrogacy is a shared experience and what partners should expect when the lady in their life becomes a gestational surrogate. 

We Discuss Topics Such As:

  • Why so many partners are initially opposed to the concept of surrogacy.
  • We clear up the 7 most common misconceptions which prevent partners from immediate excitement. 
  • We list the considerations worthy of candid discussion between would-be-surrogates and their partners.
  • We list what exactly is expected of partners, and how difficult, on a scale of 1 to 10, each task is.
  • We share just why the full support of a partner is required. Why a lady cannot do this without the "buy in" from her person. 
  • We share real stories of partners going "above and beyond" in support of the journey. 
  • And how to patiently bring you partner around to the idea of you becoming a surrogate.  

Despite this episode being all about partners, you do not need to be married or in a committed relationship to become a surrogate. Many single women become surrogates. You are able to do so if you have a stable, supportive tribe or support person, whether a parent or a close friend. 

This episode of Fertility Cafe was guest hosted by Jesse Fiest. Fertility Cafe's Creator and Weekly Host, Eloise Drane, will be back with the next episode.