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Fertility Cafe

Jul 31, 2020

If you’re thinking about being a surrogate or becoming a parent via surrogacy, this episode is a must-listen! When it comes to the legalities of parenthood using a surrogate, you do NOT want to cut any corners. Surrogacy law is at once complex, fascinating and often inconsistent depending on what country, state, or even county you live in. Here’s the good news, though: gestational surrogacy has become a common practice in many countries, and there ARE legal regulations in many places that make sense and protect all parties involved. There are also many people who have gone before you, paving the way with case law, ethics committees and legal precedents.

In this episode, Eloise tackles the tough questions including:

  • What is a Gestational Surrogacy Agreement, and is it enforceable?
  • What makes Ukraine such an attractive destination for surrogacy?
  • Why is surrogacy illegal in some states and countries?
  • Why do some people consider surrogacy unethical or exploitative of women?
  • Where in the world can LGBTQ couples safely and legally become parents via surrogacy?
  • Do I really need an attorney to handle my surrogacy?

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