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Fertility Cafe

Jul 24, 2020

Egg donation is not a new technique. The success rate for pregnancies from donor eggs has increased dramatically over the years, with 55% of all embryo transfers using donor eggs results in a successful pregnancy. But how do you go about choosing an egg donor? In this episode, we'll cover the qualities you should look for when searching for a donor, pros and cons to the various methods of finding a donor, and even the most common fears we hear from intended parents as they weigh their decisions.

In this episode:

  • Eloise reviews the basics of egg donation – who needs to utilize donor eggs and a high-level overview of the process
  • Is egg donation the right option for you? Eloise talks through the emotional parts of utilizing donor eggs to start your family
  • Anonymity is a thing of the past thanks to online genetic testing and DNA websites… so how should this effect your decision in choosing a donor?
  • Eloise reviews the available options for locating an egg donor
  • Nurture vs. nature: what qualities really matter in your egg donor?
  • What type of legal contracts must be in place to secure your parental rights?
  • The cost of egg donation in the year 2020

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