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Fertility Cafe

May 12, 2020

It’s 2020, and there are still stigmas about infertility. Seriously?! In this episode of Fertility Café, Eloise talks with Dr. Camille Hammond – a physician, author, keynote speaker, CEO of the Tinina Q. Cade Foundation, and infertile woman turned infertility advocate. In 2004, Dr. Hammond’s own mother, who was 55 years old at the time, served as a gestational carrier for Camille and her husband, Jason, carrying and giving birth to three healthy babies. Listen as Camille discussed her own journey with infertility, and how the strength and perseverance she developed to overcome the diagnosis turned her into a powerful advocate and voice for the growing number of people diagnosed with infertility, and how she used that drive to create the Tinina Q Cade Foundation which, to date, has awarded over 100 families with fertility grants of up to $10,000 each.


In this episode:

  • Listen to Dr. Hammond’s story of infertility – from diagnosis to the delivery of triplets by her own mother – and why she continues to be a voice for infertile couples
  • “Start with what’s most important… Are you going to pursue pregnancy or parenthood?” Dr. Camille Hammond’s advice for listeners who may have just received news that their only option for having a baby is via surrogate.
  • The role of faith in fertility - “Infertility is not a moral issue – it’s a medical issue.”
  • What is the Tinina Q. Cade Foundation and who does it serve?
  • “We want to be ambassadors of hope and encouragement… We want to help people realize the gift of parenthood.” Learn how the Cade Foundation funds ANY pathway to parenthood.


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